Monday, April 28, 2008

I feel it will be awhile till i actually use this blog as i meant it to be used. Which is say what i played during my hour on the air (which is now 2.5 hours now that Kevin is gone).

Have Heart posted a new song up on their myspace called "Bostons." It is off their new album to be released on Bridge 9 later this year titled Songs to Scream at the Sun.
Their last release, The Things We Carry, took the hardcore world by storm. For some they were just another Hype band but I did get the chance to catch them twice in the last 2 years and they do bring it to a live setting. The new song is definitely different, the vocals are what really stands out at least in the mix of the this song (look for guest vocals from J.D. of Shipwreck A.D.).

So many new records coming out this summer on Bridge 9, which doesn't surprise me they kind of took the backseat in the world of hardcore while Deathwish Inc pretty much was the top label for all of 2007 and so far of 2008.
Bridge 9 has new releases coming from Ceremony, Have Heart, Verse, New Found Glory, among others.

Verse also have a new track titled "The New Fury" up on their myspace.
This track is more a continuation of what was on their last release From Anger and Rage which was put out on Rivalry Records. They last played Vancouver at Go It Alone's last show back in December. Some of the new songs were played there. This new album is Verse's first out on Bridge 9 having had all their releases out on Rivalry before this. Aggression was recorded with Jay Mass at the Getaway Group and Kurt Ballou at God City.

Now i will get away from the typical modern hardcore and into a pre-order i am still waiting for is Massachusetts' Sinaloa. The new release, Oceans of Islands, is out on Level Plane. This "emo" band has been around for a few years now and done a few stand out releases, well the Ampere / Sinaloa split is the main one that comes to my mind.

This Thursday I will try to remember to put up my playlist.
I may just start doing more posts like this as well as start uploading files to listen to.
and i will try not to limit it to the hardcore i listen to but also include all the skram/emo/indie rock/pop/electronic stuff.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once again forgot to do this.

So hard to remember.
I will make some kind of reminder for next time.

Last week i did however play from start to finish the new Blacklisted.
Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God

Check that album out.
This Thursday I may not be in.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A month of inactivity.
Sorry about that.

I would always forget and then trying to fill in what i played later never really works out.

Hopefully this thursday i will remember.

I will be filling in for Nathan of Music of my Mind from 5-6:30 then doing my regular slot 8-9.

so another 2.5 hour show night!

Hope you tune in.