Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 21st 2.5 HOURSSSSSS

Doing both my own show (8-9pm PST) as well as Chinese Student Radio tonight. So on till 10:30 (but i may be ducking out early to go catch a bus!)

was an interesting show.. didn't really have much prepared as i still haven't been home since Saturday morning (went to converge in seattle then was in vancouver for a bit.. and so on )

well anyways!

here is what was played this show

Artist - Album - Song
Genghis Tron - Board Up the House - City on a Hill
Graf Orlock - Destination Time: Yesterday - Captives of the Thuggee
Converge - Peioning the Empty Sky - The Saddest Day

Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Black Skies
Final Verdict - Reaching for Something Better - Sinking Fast
Keep It Clear - Demo - Alone
Go It Alone - The Only Blood Between Us - A Constant Refrain

Breaking Point - s/t - Guilt Free
Shipwreck AD - Abyss - Thaw
Bison - Earthbound - Dark Skies Above

Jeffrey Lewis - 12 Crass Songs - Do they Owe us a Living
Tullycraft - every scene needs a center - The lonely life of the UFO researcher
Frog Eyes - Frog Eyes / Hello, Blue Roses - Policy Merchant 2: Ah shit man
Frog Eyes - Frog Eyes / Hello, Blue Roses - Stockades 2: You are the water...

Cat Power - Jukebox - Blue
Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - No Friend Oh!
Elbow Beach Surf Club - Billy Club EP - Steal this Mugshot

what i palyed

Black Mountain - In the Future - Bright Lights

Brides - Queens - Play Glass

Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing - My Unsaid Everything
Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing- The high cost of playing god
Tullycraft - Disenchanted Hearts Unite - The Last Song

Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Drive On, Driver
The Feminists - Can't Scream Loud Enough - 21st Century Ghost
Graf Orlock - Destination Time : Tomorrow - Todd and Jenelle
Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Rains

Kavinsky - 1986 - Deadcruiser
Shipwreck AD - Abyss - Erebos
Breaking Point - s/t - He Who Casts the First stone

Broadway Calls - s/t - Call It Off
Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Small Skeletal
Comadre - Comadre / Trainwreck - Teeth versus Teeth

Damezumari - Damezumari / Fire Team Charlie - Halvisies (the Metaphysics of Presence)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stay Tuned this week for forms of the Action Index will be all over CFUV airwaves.

Wed (tonight) 20th, 10:30-Midnight!

Thurs 21 8-10:30pm

Friday Pterodactyl Sneak Attack + Action Index Fill-in extravaganza 4-8pm

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feb 14th

Whoa forgot to update this last night while I was in studio. So this will be short since I am writing it from work. Hopefully I remember everything I played. This show turned out differently than I had planned it. Orginally was going to be an average show with a few records I brought in, but changed into a Skram / Emo / Screamo show special hah.

Comadre are cool....

Track Listing
Toru Okada - s/t - ... so he could hear his Footsteps
Belle Epoque - a la dérive - une simple étoile
I Hate Myself - 10 songs - Caught In the Flood with the Captain of the Cheerleading squad

Indian Summer - Science 1994 - untitled (Angry Son / Woolworm)
Saetia - A Retrospective - Some Natures Catch No Plagues

Republic of Freedom Fighters - s/t - Get Your Motor-Mine Conked Out
Still Life - From Angry Heads with Skyward Eyes - Empty Cage

Song of Zarathustra - A View from High Tides -Tame **
Comadre - Comadre / Trainwreck split - Crimes and Cadillacs
Fire Team Charlie - Damezumari / Fire Team Charlie split - Mind Implosion

Final Verdict - Reaching for Something Better - Cry Havok
Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Dead is Dead
Breaking Point - s/t demo - Again and Again

Last 3 songs were not part of the special and were basically for chart reasons.
** = request by Meaghan

Check out all these bands ! so worth it

Check out this video of Comadre! i want them to play here this summer they said they would keep victoria in mind for the summer

COMADRE in Washington DC

Friday, February 8, 2008

Radio show shirts

We still have a few left of mine and Tyler's show's shirts (Pterodactyl Sneak Attack)

We only have mediums and larges left of most of the shirts.

$8-10 per shirt.

Printed on sweatshop-free American Apparel shirts.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Finally going to start using this hopefully it goes well.
Today was kind of rushed their was a CFUV general meeting before hand which i left out early to rush over here.

I finally have a version of Crime In Stereo's Is Dead on my computer / mp3 player. The vinyl looks amazing and have been playing the cd at the station a lot over the past few weeks. They have been the main band I have been listening to over the past 2 days.

Tracks played today!

Artist - album - title

Holy Fuck - n/a - Paper Planes (remix of MIA)
Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Unfortunate Tourists
Soul Control - Soul Control - I Struggle

Beasts & Superbeasts - s/t - If I was a house
Magnetic Fields - distortion - California Girls
American Nightmare - Ice Age Demo - Please Die!

Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Small Skeletal
Shipwreck - Abyss - Lotus
Champion - Power of Ten Comp vol 2 - Another Failure
Rites of Spring - All Through a life - all through a life

Final Verdict - Reaching for something better - Stand Your Ground
Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Martyr Immortal
Trap Them - Seance Prime - Pulse Mavens

Black Mountain - In The Future - Tyrants

Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - F.T.W.

Hopefully next week Brock of Almonds, Cohen and Jordan of Colourbook can come in the station in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Might Start to remember to do this!

Starting this Thursday i will be filling out this blog!

with what i played etc.

Which could be a good week to start, a lot of really good stuff in the station recently.

To hype it up i am bringing in some 7s for Thursday

American Nightmare - Ice Age Demo
Power of Ten Comp Vol 2
Sinking Ships - Ten
High Jinks - s/t

Also Brock of Almonds, Cohen and Jordan of Colourbook may be in ANY DAY to play live on air i guess hah