Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dec 11th 2nd show

We Are Ugly But We Have the Music

top 15 albums!

15. Make Believe - Going to the Bone Church - Ooo Yum
14. These Arms are Snakes - Tail Swallower and Dove - Prince Squid
13. Joan of Arc - Boo Human - Vine on a Wire

12. Man Man - Rabbit Habits - Hurly Burly
11. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours - Lights and Music
10. Black Mountain - In the Future - Evil Ways

9. Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - F.T.W.
8. Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer - Bang Your Drum
7. Why? - Alopecia - Fatalist Palmistry

6. Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane - City of Electric Light
5. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles - Loving and Caring
4. Women - Women - Black Rice

3. Fucked Up - Chemistry of Common Life - No Epiphany
2. No Age - Nouns - Teen Creeps
1. Azeda Booth - In Flesh Tones - Ran

Trash Talk - Trash Talk - Dig
Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise - Day Thirty One; Misson Convincers

Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant -Mykonos
Fucked Up - Crooked Head - Crooked Head (edit)
Chad Van Gaalen - Unreleased & live - Corvette

Radio show. Dec 18th Top Of 2008

First 1.5 hours
Regular show

Top Hardcore Albums

Honorable mention * Coliseum - No Salvation - Defeater
20. The First Step - Connection - Connection
19. Lords - Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers - Waist Deep In Shit

18. Trash Talk - Trash Talk - The Hand that Feeds
17. The Carrier - No Love Can Save Me - No. 51
16. Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Wreckage

15. Black Ships - Omens - Liars are a Dying Breed
14. Killing the Dream - Fractures - Thirty Four Seconds
13. Sojourner - Overwhelming - Tinder

12. Young Widows - Old Wounds - The Heat Is Here
11. Cursed - III - Into the Hive
10. Trash Talk - Plagues - Scatter + Babylon CA + Flood

9. Sabertooth Zombie - Dent Face - Campaign
8. Cold World - Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First - Dedicated to Babies who Came Feet First
7. Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God - Wish

6. Verse - Aggression - Unlearn
5. Have Heart - Songs to Scream at the Sun - Bostons
4. Set Foot - Aging - Chains

3. Paint It Black - New Lexicon - Shell Game Redux
2. Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You - Dead Moon California (midnight in solitude) / the difference between looking and seeing
1. Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Runways

Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Hey Death
Narrows - s/t -
Bitter End - Bitter End -

2nd List of top 20 to come at 10:30!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec 11th

Yet another thursday.

These Arms are Snakes - Tail Swallower & Dove - Ethric Double
Narrows - S/T - The Touch Test
Fucked Up - Chemistry of Common Life - Son the Father

The Carrier - No Love Can Save Me - Epilogue: Forgiveness
Cruel Hand - Life In Shambles - Life in Shambles
Bitter End - Bitter End - Purgatory

Trash Talk - Trash Talk - Revelation
Total Abuse - Total Abuse - Secrets
Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise - Day Twenty Eight: Angles Anonymous in Transit

Beat Kids - Sorry 4 Partying - Mouthguard Mason
Crime in Stereo - Selected Wreckage - Everywhere And All the Time
Grave Life - Grave Life - Good Year

Dillinger Four - Civil War - parishiltonisametaphor
Energy - Invasions of the Mind - Revelations
Get the Most - Moment in Time - Intro + Think it Through

Carpathian - Isolation - Deadbeats
Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Cast Away
Lords - Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers - Man Everything Sucks

Black Ships - Omens - When All Else Fails
Young Widows - Old Wounds - Old Skin
Envy - Thursday / Envy - Isolation of a Light Source

Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping - Gallery Piece
Adventure - Adventure - Civilization

Thursday, December 4, 2008

THIS week

Once again in studio
I am kind of really excited about a lot of stuff we have here in the station.
Look out for my Best of 08 lists soon!

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Old Money - Family War Funding (Love those Rothschilds)
Justice - A Cross the Universe - Stress

Young Widows - Old Wounds - Mr. No Harm
Modern Life is War - Witness - Marshalltown
Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Runaways

Fucked Up - Chemistry of Common Life - Twice Born
Envy - Thursday / Envy - Isolation of a Light Source
Lords - Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers -
Grails - Doomsdayer's Holiday - Reincarnation Blues

Beat Kids - Sorry 4 Partying - Bad News Beers
Energy - Invasion of the Mind - 400
Dillinger Four - Civil War - Gainesville

Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - It's Raining Again
Black Ships - Omens - No Eulogy
Trash Talk - Trash Talk - Dig
Total Abuse - S/T - Peace and Quiet
AIDS Wolf - Cities of Glass - Ch-Ch-Ch-Chatter

Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise - Day Twenty: Flesh and Below
Carrier - No Love Can Save Me - Hello Uncertanity
Narrows - Narrows - Life Vests Float, Kids Don't
Carpanthian - Isolation - Isolation

These Arms are Snakes - Tail Swallower & Dove - Red Line Season
Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping - Touched Something's Hollow

Last Week!

Did a double show. Here is the track listing from the first half!!

As always
Artist - Album - Track

Miracle Fotress - Five Roses - have you seen
Azeda Booth - In Flesh Tones - Ran
balacade - s/t - partitions

aidan knight - unreleased - altar boys
vegan holocaust - demo.. forget the name - sharks
fucked up - the chemistry of common life - son the father

her space holiday - xoxo... - no more good ideas
indian summer - science 1994 - track 1
sabertooth - dent face - campagin

grave maker - bury me at sea - drop the torch
life in hand - demo 2008 - alone
trash talk - s/t - The hand that feeds

black tie social - demo - grace kelly
beat kids - sorry 4 partying - mouth guard mason
nail salon - Rad City (7 Eleven) - gangz +intro

these arms are snakes - Tail swallower and dove - long and lonely
sojourner - overwhelming - tinder
trap them - Seizures in Barren Praise - day twenty eight: targets
lords - fuck all y'all motherfuckers - waist deep in shit

black ships - omens - victims
young widows - old wounds - swamped and agitated

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Return (hopefully)

Returning to this blog.
I guess everyone wants to know what i play!!!

Anyways have been busy with shows, putting on a fest, being awesome in general, etc

So here I am back at this wheel.

So you ask what did i play tonight? this Thursday Nov 13th, 2008.

Artist - Album - Track

Balacade - Balacade - Piano Fire
Balacade - Sundown Morning - North Western
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane - Molten Light

Shook Ones - Shook Ones/Easel - Order Form
Killing the Dream - Fractures - Fractures
Keep It Alive - Demo 2008 - Alone

Narrows - Narrows - Touch Test
Carrier - No Love Can Save Me - Epilogue:Forgiveness

Young Widows - Settle Down City - Glad He Ate Her
Young Widows - Old Wounds - Swamped and Agitated
Skin Like Iron - Skin Like Iron - Exaltation (Transit II)

Hotel Hotel - The Sad Sea - The Captain Goes Down with the Ship (Drowning)
Envy - Thursday/Envy - Pure Birth and Loneliness
Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life - Looking for God

Have Heart - Songs to Scream at Sun - No Roses, No Skies
Verse - Aggression - The New Fury
Railcars - Cities VS Submarines - Bohemia is Without a Sea

Grave Maker - Bury Me At Sea - Time Heals Nothing
Lion of Judah - Universal Peace - UNI'VS ALL = Peace
Black Ships - Omens - Liars are a Dying Breed

Lay Off! - Vancrewver Locals Only - Rumble Street/Rumble Ave
Lords - Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers - Fucking with Fire
AIDS Wolf - Cities of Glass - CH-CH-CH-Chatter

Wow did an update

Monday, June 16, 2008

Was in windsor Ontario for the NCRA's 2008 Conference.

Totally stoked on Campus and Community radio right now.

will update more sometime this week.

Thanks to Ryan of Carload of Whatever for filling in for me

Thursday, June 5, 2008

3 Hour Edition

3 Hours today.

Filling in for Nathan of Music of My Mind as well as my normal slot!

sorry about forgetting to do a entry last week!

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room: B-sides and Rarities - The Diamond Sea
Greenbelt Collective - Our Home - Nanook

A Silver Mt. Zion - 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons - 1 000 000 Died to Make this Sound
Almonds, Cohen - Ontario (on Stereo!) - Cleveland Family Feud

Gospel - The Moon Is a Dead World - Golden Dawn
Sea Wolf - Leaves in the River - Leaves in the River

Trash Talk - Plagues - Scatter
Trash Talk - Plagues - Babylon CA
Trash Talk - Plagues - Flood
Trash Talk - Plagues - Manifest Destination
Trash Talk - Plagues - Lepers to Feed the Lepers
Trash Talk - Plagues - Kill the Snakes
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - F.Y.R.A.
Trash Talk - Walking Disease -Worthless Nights
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Walking Disease
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Pushed Aside
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Luck
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Destroy
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Run, Don't Walk
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Dead End Road
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Sacramento is Dead
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Just Die
Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Pain in Vain

Balacade - Old Life Records Comp Vol 2- Piano Fire


The Pharmacy - Choose Yr Own Adventure - Warm and Untorn
Dreamboat - Old Life Records Comp Vol 2 - Pretty Boys
Man Man - Rabbit Habits - Hurly/Burly

Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams - Foam Hands
Run Chico Run - Rocket Surgery - Invisible
Frog Eyes - Tears of the Valedictorian - Caravan Breakers, They Prey on the Weak and Old

Joan of Arc - Boo Human -Just Pack or Unpack
Murder By Death - Red of Tooth & Claw - A Second Opinion
Wolf Eyes - Human Animal - A Million Years

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours - Visions
Why? - Alopecia - Brook & Waxing
Subtle - Exiting Arm - Take to Take

Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God - Self Explosive
Cursed - III - Into the Hive
Hierophant - Hierophant - Varathane Up Your Fists

This Is Hill - Misfortunes - Disciples
Verse - Aggression - Signals
Usurp Synapse - Disinformation Fix - Mexidudes

Trash Talk - Walking Disease - Dead End Road
Wow, Owls - Pick Your Patterns - Destination: Pizza
North of America - Brothers, Sisters - Keep It On the Download

Go It Alone - Histories - Rapture
ON - Vital Times - Take a Stand
Blue Monday - Rewritten - It's Your Life

Boris - Smile - My Neighbour Satan

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday May 22nd!

Show before Rain Fest

WAS LATE. Thanks Nathan for filling in for 20 mins

here is what i played so far.

Comadre - Burn Your Bones - The Southern Smile
In Stride - 3 song demo (2005) - Backside Disaster

Trash Talk - Plagues ... Walking Disease - Manifest Destination
Trash Talk - Plagues ... Walking Disease - Lepers to feed the lepers
Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Runaways

Vanguard - The Calm - 1 in 5
Verse - Aggression - Suffering to Live, Scared to Love
Circles - Circles - Find My Breath

Paint It Black - Nex Lexicon - The Beekeeper
Reign Supreme - American Violence - To a Dead God
Hierophant - Hierophant - Voids

Indian Summer - Live in the Blue Universe - Angry Son

We All Inherit the Moon - We All Inherit the Moon - Part I
We All Inherit the Moon - We All Inherit the Moon - Part II
We All Inherit the Moon - We All Inherit the Moon - Part III
We All Inherit the Moon - We All Inherit the Moon - Part IV

See my post over at Shaved Orange about We All Inherit the Moon!
ALSO WHOO i am a writer now for that blog

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radio Show. May 15th 2008

2nd week of my new slot, 6:30-8:00pm, hopefully this turns out to be a great slot.

New computer here in studio so that is cool too!

here is my set list for this week!

Barcelona Chair - ... - Destroy This Night
Murder By Death - Red Of Tooth & Claw - A Second Opinion
Animal Collective - Water Curses - Water Curses

CaP'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothogy - Tokyo
Joan of Arc - A Portable Model Of... - The Hands
Ghosts & Vodka - Addicts and Drunks - It's All About Right Then

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours - Midnight Runner
Nail Salon - Radcity (7 Eleven) EP - Sick Dayz
Woodhands - Heart Attack - I Wasn't Made For Fighting

Almonds, Cohen - Ontario (on Stereo!) - Cat Bird Girl
The Blankket - Be Your Own Boss - Badlands
Man Man - Rabbit Habits - Rabbit Habits

These Are Powers - Taro Tarot - all night services
Boris - Smile - Statement
Orchid - Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow! - I am Nietzche

Verse - Aggression - Story of a Man: Chapter One: The End of Innocence
Verse - Aggression - Story of a Man: Chapter Two: The Cold Return
Verse - Aggression - Story of a Man: Chapter Three: Serenity

Paint It Black - New Lexicon - Check Yr Math
Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Hey Death
Reign Supreme - American Violence - I Stand Defiant

Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God - I Am Weighing Me down
Trash Talk- Plagues - Flood
Hierophant - Hierophant - Varathane Up Your Fists
Iron Lung - Sexless // no sex - White Flag
Dangers - Anger - The Tiki House

Cursed - III - Friends in the Music Business

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Ship has Sunk

Sinking Ships announced they were breaking up a few weeks ago. They will be playing 2 last shows, both at Fests. The first is at Rain Fest here in the NW on the first day May 23rd in Tacoma, Washington. The 2nd and final Sinking Ships show will take place at Sound & Fury in California this summer. Not really the best way to go out in my opinion at that fest as there are so many bands that play that.

Here is what the band had to say about breaking up:

Just a quick note on breaking up. Sinking Ships has been a band now for four years. It has been great and I don't think anyone would trade it for anything in the world. But of course, life keeps happening, and there have been a lot of serious things happening in people's lives that has made it pretty much impossible for us to keep going as a band. I'm not gonna go into details, but it reached a point where playing shows local or abroad just couldn't come together anymore. Breaking up always sucks, but it has to happen to everyone sooner or later.

As for the final shows, we're playing Rain Fest and Sound & Fury because our long time drummer Andy Rice will be at those shows, and with Andy currently residing on the other side of the country, it makes these the easiest shows for us to play. Plus we wanted to play a local show and also to play Sound & Fury, which is partially booked by Bob Shedd who has done more for our band than anyone on the planet, so ending Sinking Ships at his fest feels like a good natural way to end things.


This Seattle melodic hardcore band I think has always been viewed during their span as a mediocre band that flirted with being something great. I personally still do think they are merely mediocre. For the first few years it was viewed as Champion Jr. as it featured the younger brother of Champion's vocalist Jim, Danny, on vocals in Sinking Ships. After Champion's breakup and with signing to Revelation they were their own monster. Yet many NW fans feel they never were able to capture the same I am going to say awesomeness that was the first demo. Even the band says that in some blog of theirs at one point of how the new songs are closer to the demo then any others they wrote with the exception of the vocals being better.

This band has as stated been around for 4 years. I have been lucky enough to see them after each one of their releases. After their demo was out on Excursion, after Meridian came out on Run for Cover records, after Disconnecting came out on Revelation and the last time I saw them was shortly after Ten and S/T 7" came out on Revelation and Sinking Ships Records respectively. Odd that I don't see them till after a new release each time and when i see them at Rain Fest it will be for when i see them after their 3 -way split with Sinking Ships /My Love/ As We Let Go which came out as a CD on Alliance Trax in Japan.

You can hear some tunes up on their myspace.
This band only played in Victoria once sadly and it was shortly before "Ten" was released. They loved playing here it seemed and a member stated "Playing here is like playing europe" or something to that degree. It was interesting.

Despite my saying that i felt they were mediocre at times this band will be missed and well be remembered here in the NW and perhaps by the fans they got on their tours around the world.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Once again here on a Monday.

What will the focus be this time?

I feel I didn't give enough focus to Sinaloa's new album Oceans of Islands a few posts ago.
It was kind of just tacked on at the bottom of another post.
Since that post i have received copies in some form or another of 2 of the 3 albums i talked about in that post. (Verse and Sinaloa)

The Sinaloa record i ordered came with a sweet tshirt as well (which you will see my sporting occasionally around town)

Here is the album artwork again!!
On their myspace you can hear 2 of the new songs from this album as well this band posts the meanings to lyrics on their myspace!
What else can I say, probably one of the more accessible bands that in this scene i may post about. Indie Kids could so get into them.
They have had numerous releases since Fathers and Sons in 2003. Including splits with scene stalwarts Ampere and Daniel Stripped Tiger and Catena Collapse and on labels like Ebullition, Clean Plate and most recently Level Plane.

ORDER this album, or purchase it in some way.

or even download it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Slot. Show Listings

Thursday May 8th, 2008

I got approved for a new slot here at CFUV. My show will now be 6:30pm-8pm.
For tonight I am also doing my old slot, 8-9pm.

For this first hour and a half it will be more Indie/Electronic before moving into hardcore.

Here is the track listing for this show.
A Silver Mt. Zion - 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons - Black Waters Blowed/Engine Broke Blues

Man Man - Rabbit Habits - Big Trouble
Almonds, Cohen - Ontario (on Stereo!) - I migrated with the deer
Balacade - Old Life Comp Vol 2 - Piano Fire


Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours - Lights and Music
Woodhands - Heart Attack - Straighten the Curtains
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating

Nail Salon - Radcity (7 Eleven) EP - Tape Deckz
Nail Salon - Radcity (7 Eleven) EP - Gangz
Colourbook - Aaargh! Year 3 - Krakatoa

The Slackers - Self Medication - Self Medication
The Debonaires - The Debonaires - Criminals
De Facto - Megaton Shotblast - Fingertrap

Trash Talk - Plagues ... Walking Disease - Babylon CA
Hierophant - Hierophant- Varathane Up Your Fists
Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex - Medic

The Blankket - Be Your Own Boss- Dancing in the Dark
Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God - Stations


Blacklisted - Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God - Circuit Breaker
Vanguard - The Calm - Let It Rain
Reign Supreme - American Violence - I Stand Defiant

Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Hey Death
Set Foot - Aging - Grieve
This Is Hell - Misfortune - Cement Shoes

ON - Vital Times - Silence Inside
Grave Maker - Demolition - The Boatman
Paint It Black - New Lexicon - Shell Game Redux

Cursed - III - Into the Hive
Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer - Pray for Darkness
Trash Talk - Plagues ... Walking Disease - Manifest Destination

City of Caterpillar - City of Caterpillar - A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways

Hierophant - Hierophant - The Determinist
Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Runaways

Set Your Goals - Mutiny - This Very Moment

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"...(h)E(a)D banger kids eventually"

I guess i usually post about hardcore related things....

Well last thursday i saw Nail Salon at the Brickyard, saw only their set before leaving for Lauren A's birthday show. I was blown away really. I wasn't expecting it to be that good i guess.

WELL IT WAS. Aaron of Colourbook/Dreamboat fame + Talia of Young Lions/Onaping Falls. Basically two people the Old Life scene here in victoria.

The packaging on the CD alone was well worth the purchase. You get about 5 songs and 4 interlude / street figher 2 songs (they took various midi's and put them through some synths) Like seriously catchy songs, about Candy, Kid things, Ninja Turtles ETC
SRSLY has been all i have been listening to at various points since i picked it up.

Check out the Tracks Tape Deckz or GANGZ on their myspace HERE

I only got to see a few songs as i did miss the beginning of the set. I know i did hear Street Fighterz and either Tape Deckz or Gangz live.

Maybe I am mostly surprised as i find sometimes Aaron's dreamboat sets are lacking.

Yeah keeping this badly written article short. Check them out they are on some kind of Mini tour, message them and put on a show for them!

Monday, May 5, 2008

the action index presents...

Before I get into the main topic of this post. I will say i hosted 2 more shows over the weekend (saturday 3:30pm-4:30pm and Sunday 4-5pm) Sunday turned into a Hardcore show just out of who came to the station with me, it was really packed and was a fun hang out with Tyler (of Pterodactyl Sneak Attack Fridays 4-5pm), Jordan Foote (Vocalist for a potential new hardcore band in victoria), Camilla Keen (writer for The Shaved Orange blog), Miles Chic (Victoria musician who has been in projects ranging from The Dirt On, Young Lions to currently the Bassist for Kincaide).
It was good times in studio on sunday filling in for Ryan of Carload of Whatever.

No tracklisting to post.

The purpose of this post however is inform people of some confirmed shows i have upcoming this summer. A lot of bands got back to me over the weekend so here we go!

Of course you already know and are going to attend this one if you are in the area.

This is all happening at the James Bay Community Centre (140 Oswego st) at 8PM, $8 at the door. Locals Mayday!Mayday! and Mt. Crushmore are playing as well.


JUNE 15th - MINDSET , more tba @ Camas

Mindset (formely known as Anti-Wasteoids) is a youth crew band from Maryland, USA. They are flying out to Vancouver and doing a westcoast tour.

Check out their tunes on myspace HERE


I may turn July 11th/12th into VIHC fest. Not sure yet. But for now do get stoked on SHOOK ONES making their first apperance on the island.
This Seattle band has had releases out on Revelation, Endwell and a few other labels.
You can view their myspace HERE
OR view this video!

Other bands i may get out for this include: Keep It Clear, Hit the Bricks, Needles, Get the Most, Sojourner, Set Foot, Bodyguard, Lay Off!, Dragline, Slingshot, Vanguard, Grave Maker

JULY 17th - COUGAR DEN, MANS, + MORE @ Camas (hopefully)

SO EXCITED to announce this show. Milwaukee's Cougar Den are a band i have been jamming for the past 6 months, they have a new record coming out on Init Records before tour. I discovered them on the Skram blog (now defunct)
This is the very same blog that i discovered Logs on and well i was able to get them to town!

Cougar Den and Mans play a style of hardcore that isn't often seen in victoria now adays and i hope that we can get more bands of this style up in the future!
This is their ONLY Canadian date, and they canceled a show in Oregon so they can do Victoria.

You can listen to Cougar Den HERE
You can listen to MANS HERE

Other shows to get excited for but I am not putting on

June 25th DIE YOUNG

July 18th - Lewd Acts, Hour of the Wolf (maybe)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Radio show, Thursday May 1st, 2008

I forgot to do this last night, so basically this list of what I played is going off of memory. I was in a rush to leave as I had a very packed evening. Which involved going for dinner, catching Nail Salon at Brickyard Pizza before rushing over to Sugar to wish Lauren a happy birthday as well as catch Cobras Cobras Cobras set. Overall a well timed night. Today I have a few things I have to get done, the poster for my May 16th show is now finished. Hopefully if you live in Victoria you will see them up around town. I haven't mentioned this show in my blog yet so here is the first time! Basically the return of Grave Maker from their Central America tour, also now recently signed to Ryan of Outbreak's label Think Fast! Records !!!! This band has been working really hard and basically went on a West coast tour and Central America on only a 3 song Demo.

Check them out here. GRAVE MAKER

Also returning with them is Seattle's Ill Intent, who played my November 26th,2007 show, who are also now signed to Timm of Trial/Wait in Vain's Seattle record label Panic. Also coming to the island are Vancouver's A Crow's Glory with locals Mayday Mayday (ex Final Verdict), and THESET/Counting Heartbeats sideproject MT CRUSHMORE (kind of everytime i die sound.. or southern rock ish like Cancer Bats... )

Thursdays SHOW

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours - Feel the Love
Why? - Apolecia - The Fall of Mr. Fifths
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles - Vanished

Run Chico Run - Aaargh! Year 3 - the boy who drank the president's blood
Man Man - Rabbit Habits - Hurly/Burly
Hierophant - Hierophant - Verathane Up your Fists

Cougar Den - Cougar Den - Speak Softly and Carry a Big S
Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex - C ANCER
Life Long Tragedy - Runaways - Runaways

These Are Powers - Taro Tarot - Chipping Ice
Set Foot - Aging - Worthy
Set Foot - Aging - Aging
Set Foot - Aging - Grieve

Paint It Black - New Lexicon - Dead Precedents
Vanguard - The Calm - Make Me Sick
Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God - Memory Layne

Cursed - III - Magic Fingers

A few more things worth mentioning here , they almost deserve their own posts. Well that is talking about
A) New Cursed
B) Newish Paint It Black
C) Newish Life Long Tragedy (SOOOO GOOD, moving away from the typical hardcore of the last album into a more mature sound)


I may be getting Cougar Den here in July on their tour with MANS
Check out their tracks.


Monday, April 28, 2008

I feel it will be awhile till i actually use this blog as i meant it to be used. Which is say what i played during my hour on the air (which is now 2.5 hours now that Kevin is gone).

Have Heart posted a new song up on their myspace called "Bostons." It is off their new album to be released on Bridge 9 later this year titled Songs to Scream at the Sun.
Their last release, The Things We Carry, took the hardcore world by storm. For some they were just another Hype band but I did get the chance to catch them twice in the last 2 years and they do bring it to a live setting. The new song is definitely different, the vocals are what really stands out at least in the mix of the this song (look for guest vocals from J.D. of Shipwreck A.D.).

So many new records coming out this summer on Bridge 9, which doesn't surprise me they kind of took the backseat in the world of hardcore while Deathwish Inc pretty much was the top label for all of 2007 and so far of 2008.
Bridge 9 has new releases coming from Ceremony, Have Heart, Verse, New Found Glory, among others.

Verse also have a new track titled "The New Fury" up on their myspace.
This track is more a continuation of what was on their last release From Anger and Rage which was put out on Rivalry Records. They last played Vancouver at Go It Alone's last show back in December. Some of the new songs were played there. This new album is Verse's first out on Bridge 9 having had all their releases out on Rivalry before this. Aggression was recorded with Jay Mass at the Getaway Group and Kurt Ballou at God City.

Now i will get away from the typical modern hardcore and into a pre-order i am still waiting for is Massachusetts' Sinaloa. The new release, Oceans of Islands, is out on Level Plane. This "emo" band has been around for a few years now and done a few stand out releases, well the Ampere / Sinaloa split is the main one that comes to my mind.

This Thursday I will try to remember to put up my playlist.
I may just start doing more posts like this as well as start uploading files to listen to.
and i will try not to limit it to the hardcore i listen to but also include all the skram/emo/indie rock/pop/electronic stuff.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once again forgot to do this.

So hard to remember.
I will make some kind of reminder for next time.

Last week i did however play from start to finish the new Blacklisted.
Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God

Check that album out.
This Thursday I may not be in.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A month of inactivity.
Sorry about that.

I would always forget and then trying to fill in what i played later never really works out.

Hopefully this thursday i will remember.

I will be filling in for Nathan of Music of my Mind from 5-6:30 then doing my regular slot 8-9.

so another 2.5 hour show night!

Hope you tune in.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 21st 2.5 HOURSSSSSS

Doing both my own show (8-9pm PST) as well as Chinese Student Radio tonight. So on till 10:30 (but i may be ducking out early to go catch a bus!)

was an interesting show.. didn't really have much prepared as i still haven't been home since Saturday morning (went to converge in seattle then was in vancouver for a bit.. and so on )

well anyways!

here is what was played this show

Artist - Album - Song
Genghis Tron - Board Up the House - City on a Hill
Graf Orlock - Destination Time: Yesterday - Captives of the Thuggee
Converge - Peioning the Empty Sky - The Saddest Day

Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Black Skies
Final Verdict - Reaching for Something Better - Sinking Fast
Keep It Clear - Demo - Alone
Go It Alone - The Only Blood Between Us - A Constant Refrain

Breaking Point - s/t - Guilt Free
Shipwreck AD - Abyss - Thaw
Bison - Earthbound - Dark Skies Above

Jeffrey Lewis - 12 Crass Songs - Do they Owe us a Living
Tullycraft - every scene needs a center - The lonely life of the UFO researcher
Frog Eyes - Frog Eyes / Hello, Blue Roses - Policy Merchant 2: Ah shit man
Frog Eyes - Frog Eyes / Hello, Blue Roses - Stockades 2: You are the water...

Cat Power - Jukebox - Blue
Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - No Friend Oh!
Elbow Beach Surf Club - Billy Club EP - Steal this Mugshot

what i palyed

Black Mountain - In the Future - Bright Lights

Brides - Queens - Play Glass

Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing - My Unsaid Everything
Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing- The high cost of playing god
Tullycraft - Disenchanted Hearts Unite - The Last Song

Magnetic Fields - Distortion - Drive On, Driver
The Feminists - Can't Scream Loud Enough - 21st Century Ghost
Graf Orlock - Destination Time : Tomorrow - Todd and Jenelle
Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Rains

Kavinsky - 1986 - Deadcruiser
Shipwreck AD - Abyss - Erebos
Breaking Point - s/t - He Who Casts the First stone

Broadway Calls - s/t - Call It Off
Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Small Skeletal
Comadre - Comadre / Trainwreck - Teeth versus Teeth

Damezumari - Damezumari / Fire Team Charlie - Halvisies (the Metaphysics of Presence)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stay Tuned this week for forms of the Action Index will be all over CFUV airwaves.

Wed (tonight) 20th, 10:30-Midnight!

Thurs 21 8-10:30pm

Friday Pterodactyl Sneak Attack + Action Index Fill-in extravaganza 4-8pm

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feb 14th

Whoa forgot to update this last night while I was in studio. So this will be short since I am writing it from work. Hopefully I remember everything I played. This show turned out differently than I had planned it. Orginally was going to be an average show with a few records I brought in, but changed into a Skram / Emo / Screamo show special hah.

Comadre are cool....

Track Listing
Toru Okada - s/t - ... so he could hear his Footsteps
Belle Epoque - a la dérive - une simple étoile
I Hate Myself - 10 songs - Caught In the Flood with the Captain of the Cheerleading squad

Indian Summer - Science 1994 - untitled (Angry Son / Woolworm)
Saetia - A Retrospective - Some Natures Catch No Plagues

Republic of Freedom Fighters - s/t - Get Your Motor-Mine Conked Out
Still Life - From Angry Heads with Skyward Eyes - Empty Cage

Song of Zarathustra - A View from High Tides -Tame **
Comadre - Comadre / Trainwreck split - Crimes and Cadillacs
Fire Team Charlie - Damezumari / Fire Team Charlie split - Mind Implosion

Final Verdict - Reaching for Something Better - Cry Havok
Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Dead is Dead
Breaking Point - s/t demo - Again and Again

Last 3 songs were not part of the special and were basically for chart reasons.
** = request by Meaghan

Check out all these bands ! so worth it

Check out this video of Comadre! i want them to play here this summer they said they would keep victoria in mind for the summer

COMADRE in Washington DC

Friday, February 8, 2008

Radio show shirts

We still have a few left of mine and Tyler's show's shirts (Pterodactyl Sneak Attack)

We only have mediums and larges left of most of the shirts.

$8-10 per shirt.

Printed on sweatshop-free American Apparel shirts.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Finally going to start using this hopefully it goes well.
Today was kind of rushed their was a CFUV general meeting before hand which i left out early to rush over here.

I finally have a version of Crime In Stereo's Is Dead on my computer / mp3 player. The vinyl looks amazing and have been playing the cd at the station a lot over the past few weeks. They have been the main band I have been listening to over the past 2 days.

Tracks played today!

Artist - album - title

Holy Fuck - n/a - Paper Planes (remix of MIA)
Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Unfortunate Tourists
Soul Control - Soul Control - I Struggle

Beasts & Superbeasts - s/t - If I was a house
Magnetic Fields - distortion - California Girls
American Nightmare - Ice Age Demo - Please Die!

Crime In Stereo - Is Dead - Small Skeletal
Shipwreck - Abyss - Lotus
Champion - Power of Ten Comp vol 2 - Another Failure
Rites of Spring - All Through a life - all through a life

Final Verdict - Reaching for something better - Stand Your Ground
Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal - Martyr Immortal
Trap Them - Seance Prime - Pulse Mavens

Black Mountain - In The Future - Tyrants

Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers - F.T.W.

Hopefully next week Brock of Almonds, Cohen and Jordan of Colourbook can come in the station in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Might Start to remember to do this!

Starting this Thursday i will be filling out this blog!

with what i played etc.

Which could be a good week to start, a lot of really good stuff in the station recently.

To hype it up i am bringing in some 7s for Thursday

American Nightmare - Ice Age Demo
Power of Ten Comp Vol 2
Sinking Ships - Ten
High Jinks - s/t

Also Brock of Almonds, Cohen and Jordan of Colourbook may be in ANY DAY to play live on air i guess hah